FREE lesson plans for comprehending

academic vocabulary for K-2

Let me show you how easy it can be to integrate academic vocabulary into your everyday instruction.


Academic vocabulary is the comprehension bridge between content and deep understanding. In just 3 mini-lessons, your students will be able to use the academic vocabulary word "distinguish".



Take the first step to ensure all of your students understand the content you are teaching in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and math!





What's included:

➊ poster with visuals and student friendly definitions;
➋ printable activities using the word in context;
➌ emergent reader to introduce the word and read in context;

➍ kid-friendly interactive notebook page to encourage students to use the words;
➎ paper bracelet for students to wear home to share their learning with parents for a home-to-school connection;
➏ an easy to use bulleted list of the lesson format for the week;

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    These words were chosen by highly qualified educational researchers, published documentation that found these to be the most critical words to prepare students for college and career. These words have been found to be used in more than 80% known standardized tests.